Perfectly poisoned

Pursuing perfection is toxic. Or??? What does ”perfect” really mean? In my opinion, it’s the best possible quality or consummation.

Then I ask myself; who decides what’s perfect? Yes, yourself! Therefore, I want to show some pictures that are certainly considered strange and weird but which I think is both fun, creative and exciting – so it’s perfect! I dressed up Daniel in colorful clothes and accessories and put some fun makeup on him. Then we had a creative photo session together. We had fun while we did it – so it was perfect.

If, on the other hand, you’ll try to be ”perfect” based on what others think and feel – then you’ll be incinerated on the inside. I know it myself from experience… Far too much of my life I’ve tried to be and make everything ”perfect”. And of course, I failed to do that – just like all other people who desire perfection. What is perfect for you – that is perfect. That’s enough! Just accept it!

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