That’s What Friends Are For

Friendship. Isn’t it among the best out there? Friendship is about liking each other and having mutual trust and respect. To share confidences, advice and care for each other.
Sympathy and empathy.
Honesty, perhaps in situations where it may be difficult for others to tell the truth.
Understanding and compassion.
Not to forget – to DO things together and have FUN! Then what is done, how often and what is fun, there are no rules.

“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others,
makes all the difference.”
-Winnie the Pooh

To me, fair friend, you never can be old,
For as you were when first your eye I ey’d,
Such seems your beauty still. Three winters cold,
Have from the forests shook three summers’ pride,
Three beauteous springs to yellow autumn turn’d,
In process of the seasons have I seen,
Three April perfumes in three hot Junes burn’d,
Since first I saw you fresh, which yet are green.
Ah! yet doth beauty like a dial-hand,
Steal from his figure, and no pace perceiv’d;
So your sweet hue, which methinks still doth stand,
Hath motion, and mine eye may be deceiv’d:
    For fear of which, hear this thou age unbred:
    Ere you were born was beauty’s summer dead.

William Shakespeare – 1564-1616